Market Street East Restaurants


Address: 1201 Filbert Street, Philadelphia, PA  19107   Make a Reservation
If you’ve ever been to South Philly's predominately Italian neighborhood, you may know the charming feeling that emanates from a place immersed in such culture and authenticity. Maggiano’s Little Italy, located in Center City, recreates the enchantment of an Italian neighborhood to a tee, with a menu chock-full of hearty Italian dishes that are served in bountiful portions, an extensive wine and drink list, and friendly service from a staff straight from the motherland. Combine all of this with Old Blue Eyes and other rat-pack era musicians supplying the soundtrack, and you are guaranteed to leave floating on a cloud ... Learn More »

107The Melting Pot

Address: 1219 Filbert Street, Philadelphia, PA  19107   Make a Reservation
The Melting Pot
Just around the corner from Philadelphia's historic Reading Terminal Market lies another one of the city's treasures. Far younger than the terminal and far different than the neighboring restaurants that adorn Filbert and 13th streets is the Melting Pot. Specializing in fondue recipes that allow for an interactive dining experience, this is the answer to the diner in search of something new. An adventurous blend of upscale, delicious food and down-to-earth fun, the Melting Pot is perfect for an intimate date or a fun get-together with co-workers or friends. Enjoy a do-it-yourself experience that will expose you to fondue in ... Learn More »