Late Dining Restaurants

107Yardley Inn

Address: 82 E. Afton Ave., Yardley, PA  19067   Make a Reservation
Yardley Inn
Enjoy a cold cocktail—and seasonally, a warm fire—while watching the sunset over the Delaware River. In the summer, sit on the patio, and watch the calming river while munching candied walnuts atop a crisp Marguerita Salad. Please a selective palate with an atmosphere that offers choice: dress up, dress down; eat light, eat full; dine fancy or relax in an over-stuffed chair in the plush, yet relaxing, lounge. Satisfy mom’s flavor for flounder, a cousin’s craving for crabcakes, and still get your monthly mignon. Try the Yardley Inn, where classy contemporary is really choice. Learn More »

107Play 2 Interactive Sports Bar

Address: 1526 Packer Avenue, Philadelphia, PA  19145   Make a Reservation
Play 2 Interactive Sports Bar
Enter the state-of-the-art nightlife bar with a full entertainment system. Patrons can enjoy drinks and appetizers in a bright atmosphere full of neon lights and plenty of TV action on the walls. But, the real treat is the numerous game systems that are set up in individual apecs, which are like private booths. Grab friends and jam out for some Rock Band or Super Mario. A great place for the “newly turned twenty one” crowd who are looking for some extra fun with their drinks. Learn More »

106Swanky Bubbles

Address: 10 S. Front Street, Philadelphia, PA  19106   Make a Reservation
Swanky Bubbles
With an extensive selection of champagne, chocolate fondue on the appetizer menu, and a bar that was modeled after the dream sequence in the Nutcracker, Swanky Bubbles is no ordinary restaurant. Here diners are dazzled by chef Raul Bacordo’s visionary Asian-inspired family-style dishes, which include such creations as edamame gnocci, curried chicken dumplings, and Japanese mac & cheese. An equally dazzling array of maki rolls, sashimi, and nigiri allows diners to mix and match sushi, appetizers, and entrees for the ultimate dining experience. Learn More »