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Address: 1200 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA  19107   Make a Reservation
In Philadelphia’s prestigious Midtown Village, stands the historic PSFS Building which is regarded by many as a striking achievement in modernist design. This 12th and Market Street landmark is currently home to Loews Philadelphia Hotel, which proudly offers the diverse and imaginative seafood restaurant, SoleFood. Since 2006, Solefood has been introducing Philadelphia to a new, fresh and modern way of looking at seafood. This ground floor restaurant uses a fusion of seafood and cutting edge culinary expertise to keep diners curious and excited. While the restaurant specializes in dishes like Organic Scottish Salmon and Chilean Sea Bass, there are several ... Learn More »

107Chifa Restaurant

Address: 707 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA  19106   Make a Reservation
Chifa Restaurant
Celebrating the unique melding of cultures and cuisines, Chifa presents guests with a truly one-of-a-kind dining experience that showcases a Peruvian/Cantonese fusion menu. In the 19th century, with the presence of a Chinese community quickly growing in Peru, both cultures benefited from a sharing of culinary technique and history. The result is a deliciously vibrant fusion cuisine that showcases South American cooking techniques and ingredients, complemented by intricate Asian flavor profiles and texture combinations. Dishes like the Chaufa – made with stir fried rice, chorizo, mango, edamame, and scallops – illustrate this tasty union of cultures, and prove that food ... Learn More »


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