Oyster Bar Restaurants

106The Oyster House

Address: 1516 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA  19102   Make a Reservation
The Oyster House
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In a city where every restaurant is striving to be the next big thing, The Oyster House manages to stay true to its roots. Now back in the hands of the original owners, The Oyster House has been given a much needed face lift. Still located on the unassuming Sansom Street, The Oyster House remains a grand old tradition of fresh fish at its finest. With dishes like Southern Fried Oysters with Chicken Salad, Herb Roasted Bluefish, and Snapper Turtle Soup, classic seafood is alive and well in this no-nonsense setting. Sam Mink, the son of original owner David Mink, ... Learn More »

109Route 6

Address: 600 North Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA  19130   Make a Reservation
Route 6
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Acquiring its name from the highway that runs between Provincetown and Cape Cod in Massachusetts, the Fairmount/Art Museum District's Route 6 honors the cuisine adored in small coastal towns from Kennebunkport Maine, to Chestertown Maryland. Presenting a menu that features fresh and seasonal sea-to-table fare with archetypical New England dishes such as clam chowder, lobster rolls, buttermilk fried oysters, daily catch lobster, and fresh whole fish. The atmosphere of Route 6’s decor will carry you away to the tranquil way of life inherent to the sleepy serene shores of the eastern seaside. Inside the establishment, a wood-burning oven and grill ... Learn More »